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AE Chemie, Inc. is committed to harnessing the power of science & technology to profoundly improve the ever-expanding world of Cosmetic Chemistry and Personal Care. Through the lens of sustainability and environmental stewardship, AE Chemie’s mission is to advance cosmetics in a meaningful and thoughtful way, always mindful of the planet and its inhabitants, every step of the product-creation process.

Utilizing the latest innovations in our field, AE Chemie offers a variety of solutions including Preservative Systems, Surfactants, Actives, Emulsifiers & Thickeners, Esters, Exotic Oils and Natural Butters.

AE Chemie is proud to announce our newest products:

  • AECOSOFT SURFACTANTS: A new line of naturally derived APG Surfactants utilizing the unique properties of Moringa, Marula, Hempseed, Olive and Sunflower Oil.
  • BIKIRA OILS AND BUTTERS: Unique oils and sumptuous butters
  • AECOSOFT ALM and AECOSOFT LLM: Arginine Lauroyl Glutamate and Lysine Lauroyl Glutamate
  • VISCOGIL AEON: Cold-process, all naturally-derived thickener/co-emulsifier/gelling agent
  • AE EMULSIFLOW EXE: All-natural emulsifier for sprayable emulsions with high oil load


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