Bikira Baobab Virgin

Organic cold-pressed oil that provides intensive moisturization for skin care and hair care treatments



• Highly emollient (massage oils)

• High ß-sitosterol

• Rich in Vitamin A, D, E

• Highly antioxidant

• Moisturizing for dry, damaged skin and hair

• Scalp and Hair Conditioning


Suggested Uses


Skin Care: Lotions and Creams

Hair Care: Moisturizing Hair and Scalp Treatments




The Baobab is the largest succulent species in the world and can often have a trunk diameter of 20m or more. The tree can live for 3000 years. The fruit has been used to make a refreshing drink and is high in Vitamin C. The nuts are roasted and eaten and are highly nutritious.


Worldwide Approval


Approved for use in Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia


Technical Characteristics


Color: amber

Odor: characteristic

Relative Density at 20°C: < 1

Solubility: Liposoluble