Bikira Mafura Butter

Ultra-rich organic butter for moisturizing, protection and antiinflammation



• UV-activated protection

• Polymerizes to form a protective film

• Reduces inflammation and redness

• Long-term stability in formulations

• Rich in fatty acids

• Easily absorbed in the skin


Suggested Uses


Skin Care: Lotions and Creams

Hair Care: Conditioners and Scalp Treaments




Mafura Butter (also known as trichilia oil) is derived from oil of the seeds of the trichilia tree. This oil forms a solid butter at room temperature and melts at 30°C. The butter is rich in essential fatty acids (palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic) and has been shown to have antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activity due to the presence of limonids such as Trichilin A. It has also been shown to scavenge free radicals more effectively than many other oils on the market.


Worldwide Approval


Approved for use in Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia


Technical Characteristics


Color: yellow

Odor: characteristic

Acid Value (Oleic acidity) – Max 4%

SAP Value – 190-210 mg KOH/g

Iodine Value – 60-80 gl2/100g