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Bikira Mongongo Virgin

Ultra-Rich oil of the Mongongo Kernel for use in hair care and skin care applications

INCI: Schinziophyton Rautanenii kernel oil


• UV/Heat activated sun protection
• Polymerizes to form a protective film
• Reduces inflammation and redness
• Long-term stability in formulations
• Increases hydration
• Anti-inflammatory
• Stimulates cellular repair and regeneration
• Promotes hair shine and color retention
• Effective for hair-straightening/anti-frizz


Effective Use Level


Hair Leave-on products: max. 5.0%

Creams & lotions: to 2.0%


Suggested Applications


Skin: Normal and dry skin emollient

Baby Care: Massage oil

Hair: Protection: dry, damaged hair


Conditioner, leave-in conditioner

Hair straightening treatment

Hair shine treatment

Cosmetics: Component of lipsticks

Soap: Excellent for soap making


Worldwide Approval


Approved for use in Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia


Technical Characteristics


Color: yellow

Odor: characteristic

Oleic Acidity: Max 5%