Bikira Ximenia

Rich, nourishing and moisturizing natural oil suitable for hair, skin and baby care



• Softens and revitalizes skin

• Rich in unsaturated fatty acids

• Contains ximenynic acid which increases circulation

• Improves sebaceous function

• Extremely stable against oxidation


Suggested Uses


• Skin Care: anti-aging face creams/serums for and around the eyes; to treat dry, chapping skin;

• Baby Care: moisturizing lotions and creams

• Hair Care: dry, damaged and fragile hair

• Cosmetics: component of lipsticks




UBUNTU® Ximenia Pure is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (approximately 96%) giving it considerable nutritional value. UBUNTU® Ximenia Pure is effective as an anti-aging ingredient. It preserves the integrity of the cell walls and has a restructuring effect. The long chain fatty acids give the oil good substantivity. UBUNTU® Ximenia Pure moisturizes, softens and revitalizes skin naturally. The presence of ximenynic acid increases blood flow in the skin, increasing its revitalization effect.




Ximenia trees are found in abundance across Southern Africa and grow at low altitudes in woodlands and grassy savannahs. The fruits resemble plums and vary in color from dark red-brown to bright orange and scarlet. The oil is cold pressed and undergoes further processing to ensure it is of high quality and ready for consumer product formulations.


Worldwide Approval


Approved for use in Europe, Japan, Canada, and Australia