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Hempseed Glucoside: a natural, gentle and non-irritating, non-ionic surfactant.

INCI (PROPOSED): Hempseed Glucoside



AECOSOFT TM Hempseed is a non-ionic surfactant derived from Hempseed Oil.
AECOSOFT TM Hempseed is an APG surfactant that utilizes the beneficial properties of Hempseed Oil especially rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, excellent for moisturizing and repairing dry and damaged hair and skin.

Excellent for products to promote healthier skin and hair, AECOSOFT TM Hempseed is a gentle surfactant with good cleansing ability and nice, creamy foaming properties that is non-drying and non-irritating.


AECOSOFT TM Hempseed may be used in a wide range of products: shampoos, facial washes, foam baths, liquid soaps, intimate detergents, etc. AECOSOFT TM Hempseed is especially suited for products for sensitive skin. It exhibits excellent co-surfactant, moderating the aggressiveness of the primary surfactant and increasing the safety of the formula.