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Olive Glucoside: a natural, gentle and non-irritating non-ionic surfactant

INCI (PROPOSED): Olive Glucoside



AECOSOFT TM Olive inherits the benefits properties of
Olive oil components: antioxidants, Vitamin A, Vitamin
E and Unsaponifiable matter (Squalene ).

AECOSOFT TM Olive is beneficial for dry skin for its
emolliency and gentle detergent power.
Excellent for personal care products particularly
indicated for sensitive skin and intimate detergents.

AECOSOFT TM Olive is a gentle surfactant with good
cleansing ability and nice foaming properties that is
non-drying and non-irritating. AECOSOFT TM Olive is a ‘green’ surfactant. It is
naturally derived and completely biodegradable.


AECOSOFT TM Olive may be used in a wide range of
products: shampoos, facial washes, foam baths,
liquid soaps, intimate detergents, etc. AECOSOFT TM
Olive is especially suited for products for sensitive
skin and baby products. It exhibits excellent
compatibility with many surfactants. It works as an
excellent co-surfactant, moderating the
aggressiveness of the primary surfactant, and
increasing the safety of the formula.