About AE Chemie, Inc.

Brief History

Ed Armamento, the founder of AE Chemie, made a name for himself working for many years as a leading innovative chemist in the cosmetic industry. He began to see a problem with the hazardous chemicals regularly going into the cosmetic products which are used on a daily basis. He has a vision to create innovative natural ingredients that are both good for consumers and the environment. With this vision, he launched AE Chemie in 2003 out of his garage in Redondo Beach.

We at AE Chemie now serve hundreds of clients globally and have since moved from the garage to our current headquarters in Los Angeles. We continue to invest in R&D and production, to make sure our innovation pipeline is filled with new products. Through our growth, our values remained the same: to create cutting edge and quality cosmetic ingredients with nature’s limitless possibilities.

For over 15 years, AE Chemie has become a leading source for innovative raw materials for personal care and cosmetic market.

Ed Armamento
President and C.E.O of AE Chemie, Inc.

Our Mission

AE Chemie is focused on innovation and sustainability. It has a never ending commitment to provider new technologies with emphasis on naturally derived, environmentally responsible ingredients.

AE Chemie, Inc. is committed to harnessing the power of science & technology to profoundly improve the ever-expanding world of Cosmetic Chemistry and Personal Care. Through the lens of sustainability and environmental stewardship, AE Chemie’s mission is to advance cosmetics in a meaningful and thoughtful way, always mindful of the planet and its inhabitants, every step of the product-creation process.

Utilizing the latest innovations in our field, AE Chemie offers a variety of solutions including Preservative Systems, Surfactants, Actives, Emulsifiers & Thickeners, Esters, Exotic Oils and Natural Butters.